Who We Are


TOPOS Landscape Architects was founded in California, USA. The firm has long pursued a simple and unpretentious design style, while creating timeless design based on well-resolved scale, proportion and three-dimensional crafting.

TOPOS's design approach emphasizes compelling and responsible relationships between project sites and their context - environmentally, socially, and culturally. Each design brings its site to life, maximizing assets and overcoming liabilities. A portfolio of acclaimed planning and landscape design projects have been completed in China and the United States. These include resort and urban hotels, commercial and mixed-use development, parks and waterfront open spaces, residences, national museums, and cultural and art centers.

With understated elegance as a core design principle, TOPOS's chief designers are registered landscape architects in the United States, having practiced in California for more than twenty years. From site planning and schematic design to construction documentation and construction administration, the firm is especially well-versed in executing complex projects. TOPOS is particularly committed to listening to clients and consultants, patiently collaborating to create high performance long-term value.

TOPOS's design is rooted in Southern California's design and craft traditions and is together influenced by Eastern culture. Highly resolved, well-crafted detail design is a hallmark of the firm's work. The role of landscape art in telling stories and reinforcing design intent is integral to its approach. 

TOPOS typically searches for the critical problem to solve on each project. The intent is to correctly frame the key issue that must be addressed for the project to be transformative: What is the essence of each project and how do we creatively manifest it? This foundation-setting process assures the most distinctively responsive organization and structure for each TOPOS design.

 TOPOS Landscape Architects has been honored with the attention of diverse media, including the industry leading American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Los Angeles Times, Dezeen, Azure Journal, Archello, and ArchDaily. TOPOS has been commended with design awards from the American Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA), the American Planning Association (APA) and the Architecture MasterPrize.