FDV Hillside Park

FDV Hillside Park will be a community recreation and gathering place, providing opportunities for families and individuals to enjoy the beauty of the eastern Coachella Valley in a multitude of ways. It provides an oasis between the residential community and the desert hills behind, with the synergy in addressing the needs of both the residential development as well as the surrounding community.  

A main entry and focal area including a multipurpose clubhouse, a surrounding gathering area providing an opportunity for a multitude of activities such  as community meetings, weddings, farmers’ market and picnics.  There will also be a large play area and a natural palm oasis and water element. It combines the opportunity for social and recreational uses within the context of a striking natural setting.  The community building area will also act as a trail head for access to both community gardens and interesting off-site hiking paths.

Active use recreation areas designed to accommodate a wide range of age groups, including facilities for organized baseball, soccer and basketball, as well as social games for all ages, including bocce, pickle ball and volleyball.  The recreation areas include adjoining picnic areas with tot lots, BBQ's and shade pavilions.

FDV Hillside Park is connected visually by a low water use desert planting theme, punctuated by palm oases and active use turf areas. The main pedestrian "trail" is a 12 foot wide concrete path designed to accommodate golf carts, walking, running and bicycling.  Stabilized, decomposed granite hiking trails branch off from the main trail to the various recreational activity areas and up selected areas in the hills, including a viewing node with a spectacular vista. 


Coachella Valley, California


Master Planning, Landscape Design


38.8 HA


Public Space