Channel Islands Harbor

Public landside improvement of Channel Islands Harbor, a 310-acre recreational boating facility with 2,300 slips. Elements include open space system, public walkways, signage, lighting, and drainage for water quality. The new open space system consists of a waterfront promenade and five parks with distinct functions and themes. The waterfront promenade is a bold, landscaped linear active space that anchors the public/ visitor activities along the water's edge. 

A series of parks are created along the the waterfront promenade. Capitalizing on the Harbor's unique connection with Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary, each  park is themed as different islands -  a framework of 'Islands at the Harbor' - to create a cohesive open space system with integrated design vocabulary, expresses the Harbor's sense of place, and provides a unique identity for the Harbor and its businesses. 


Oxnard, California


Site Planning + Landscape Design




Parks and Open Space