More Commercial and Public Space Projects

Fiesta de Vida Park, Coachella Valley, California

Torrey Pines City Park , San Diego, California

Channel Islands Harbor Master Plan, Oxnard, California

New Orleans City Pak Big Lake, New Orleans, Louisiana

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, Shenzhen, China

Twin Moon Bay Seaside Park, Twin Moon Bay, Guangdong, China

Fancy Bay Seaside Park, Guangdong, China

Suntiandy Time Park, Hangzhou, China

Lakeside Garden, Hangzhou, China

RFC Future Pavilion, Hangzhou, China

New Expo Oceanfront Park, Xiamen, China

Yuhang Civic Plaza, Hangzhou, China


USA: California / China: Pearl River Delta, Southeast Coast, Yangtze River Delta


Master Planning, Landscape Design


Approx. 1 HA - 51 HA


Public Space